My Ly

Founder |  Principal

"Architecture is just art we live in"  - The Librarians


My Ly approaches each project as a canvas with unique potential, from conceptual design development to construction.  Her extensive design experience is diverse in project scale and typology.  My is an award-winning designer who is passionate about urbanism, placemaking in communities, and sustainable environments.  She is trained as an architect with a background in art and practices in urban design and planning.  She has led many public and private sector projects with a strong core community engagement focus.  My is active in the cultural arts and academic communities, leading several nonprofit art-based initiatives.  She has taught at the Boston Architectural College, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and other institutions.  My is the co-founder and selected artist of the Dupont Underground Workspace Residency program for The Cloud Project, which features public art installations to raise social awareness.




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"My Ly is wildly talented as a designer but also as a creative and innovative thinker.  She puts 1000% of herself into her work, and the results show: work that is thoughtful, sustainable, and most of all beautiful."
- Margie Ruddick, award winning Landscape Architect and Author
"My encompasses all things design / culture / fashion."
- Megan Ferreira, Fashion Stylist
"My Ly is a great collaborator with a unique multi-faceted talent for design at any scale - architecture, urban design, and interior design.  She is a leader with a strong focus on design excellence and high quality results. But mostly My is really fun to work with."
- Karen Blanchard, award winning Architect
“We are ecstatic about the architecture and interior renovation results My has achieved.  It is a true testament to her talent, that our relatives, friends and guests who visit our home are in awe of the transformation. She is very creative and pays attention to the details.”
- Maria and Roger Peace, Client and Contractor
“I’ve worked with My for over a decade.  She engages her clients with innovative designs respecting sound principles of both beauty and building.”
- John Pilling, Principal Architect and BAC Professor
“My sparks creativity and approaches solutions with dedication and fun along the way.” 
- Andrew Casavant, Planner
"My provides individualized high quality design and is an expert on environmentally sensitive design that promotes multiple community benefits."
- Ty Asfaw, Principal Environmental Designer